Frequently Asked Questions

"How often will my subscription be re-billed?"

You will be billed once a month. All new GHOSTpack subscribers will be billed on the 1st each month. (Updated - August 3rd, 2017)

"Are your spices organic?"

While we can't, technically, say our spices are organic, they're 100% all-natural and come from reliable sources all over the world. The spices you get in the mail are used in hundreds of restaurants across the country. We stand behind our products and so do our chef friends!

"If I don't get my spices, what do I do?"

Don't panic. This happens from time to time. Contact us via fb messenger or email support and we'll make sure you get what you paid for or your money back. Due to the low cost nature of our product, we offer free shipping via USPS and simply put: shit can happen. Bear with us and all will be tasty.

Login-related issues:

Changing your password

Login and choose "edit" under ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Type in your new password under 'new password' and repeat it in the additional field. Save. 

Changing your shipping address

Login and choose "edit" under SHIPPING ADDRESS. Change necessary fields. Save.

All other inquiries : [email protected] | fb messenger